Reusing your candle pot

Reusing your candle pot

A little excerpt from a piece for Stylist magazine;

Adding a candle can brighten (quite literally) any room in the house. Instead of just grabbing the one that smells the best, take a good look at the vessel it’s in. Break the usual ‘buy, burn, bin’ cycle by reusing the aesthetically pleasing candle pot as something else entirely. Shopping smarter is all about making the right choices; getting the most out of what you buy, making them last longer and appreciating them that little bit longer. Want to know what you can turn your used candle in to? We’ve got some ideas to give a go. First up, here’s how to get the pot clean.

Alice Lewin Smith – artist and founder of homeware site Originals Studio – creates handmade, vegan and cruelty-free candles in vintage glass dishes, pots and teacups. Here, Alice gives her expert tips on how to remove all traces of the candle once it’s burnt.

1. Fill up a bowl/sink with hot water and some washing up liquid and pop your candle dish in. Leave to soak for 5-10 minutes.

2. Use a sponge or a cloth to wipe inside – once the wax warms it will be easier to remove.

3. For tricky corners, use ear buds to remove the wax and finish by rinsing with clean, warm water.

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