We dreamed up a white christmas scandi 'scape mixing neutrals and metallics.

Top Tips:

1. Use what you have already as a base. White plates, neutral raffia placemats and accessories are great. 
2. Create and easy (and free) centrepiece. Spray paint some twigs white and place in a large weighted jug. Hang baubles or gingerbread on this for a special touch an 'alternative christmas tree' look.
3. Add further touches of metallic and glitter with candles. Invest in some special christmas candles or roll simple white candles in a dusting of glitter. Lighting is all important in capturing the mood of the evening, as white is a cold colour, use candlelight and tealights to add warmth.
4. Adorn the table with beautiful ceramics filled with treats that are perfect for nibbling or with an after dinner coffee. Pick chocolates with gold or silver wrapping to add some extra sparkle. 
5. Elevate your festive host status by taking extra care with personalised touches like name cards, hand-written menus, and foliage place settings.

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